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Mortgage Makes Your Life Difference

Credit KO offers flexible and efficient property owner personal mortgage loans tailored to meet different financing needs. We provide lower repayment amounts to help you ease your financial burden while saving you additional fees and interest charges. Our goal is to assist you in achieving homeownership and settling into your dream property as soon as possible.

No Handling Fee

Borrow as much as you need

No Early Settlement Fee

Flexible repayment options

No income proof required

Simplify the process , Save time & efficiency

No Impact Credit Report

No credit rating checks required

Already have a mortgage loan on your property but need additional funds for financial flexibility? Credit KO’s mortgage experts are here to provide free consultation. We can help you understand the process and interest details of a second mortgage loan, and handle all the necessary documents and procedures for you. With a quick approval time of as fast as 15 minutes, no income proof required, no restrictions on property age or type, and no penalty for early settlement, we ensure a transparent lending experience with no hidden fees. Borrow with peace of mind!

Qucik Approval

Cash in hand within 24hrs

Flexible Apply Conditions

No DSR Check required

High Property Value ratio

Up to 80% of the property value

Simplify application process

More flexible compared with Banks

No Credit Report Check

No credit rating checks required

Tailored Mortgage Loan Services Designed Specifically for Property Owners

Looking for the perfect property mortgage service?
Our Mortgage Specialists are here to tailor the most suitable mortgage plan for every property owner. We provide professional advice and answer any questions you may have about property loans, ensuring a smooth borrowing experience.

No restrictions on property age!

For any property type

No Credit Report Check Required

No impact on your credit score

Qucik Approval


Maximum Mortgage Amount $20M

Free lawyer fee , Free valuation fee

High Property Value ratio

Up to 80% of the property value

Long Tenor Period

Up to 120 months

Low Interest Rate

Up to APR 8%

Transforming Destiny

Flexible cash-out options

We strive to get you the highest property valuation, along with the most favorable mortgage interest rates and rewards, making it easy for you to apply for a property loan

Property Type

Credit KO's mortgage loans have no restrictions on property age and cover a wide range of property types.
We accept the following property types:

Private Building

Public Housing

Tenement Floor

Tradional Bank


  • ID Card

  • Address Proof

  • Title Deed

  • Tax Statement

  • Job Contract

  • Latest 6 mths Salary Slip

  • Latest 6 mths Bank Statement

ID Card、Address

Cash Transfer Time

30-60 days at least

15mins Approval
Cash transfer within 24hr

Loan Amount

Up to 50% of the property value (excluding Mortgage Insurance Scheme)

Up to 20 million or 80% of the property value

Just 4 Simple steps
Unlock your property's potential with a breeze!

Fill in the Mortgage Application Form

Just a few simple steps to fill in your property information.


Upload the docouments

Upload your property's loan agreement or mortgage contract and let us handle the rest.


15mins Quick Approval

We will notify you via WhatsApp with the detailed approval information.


Sign the Mortgage Aggrement in the Law Firm

Arrange an appointment with the attorney on the same day to process the relevant property loan documents.


Our Client


"Professional financing, quick approval, and simplified procedures."


"Apply in the morning, received the loan by lunch time."


"No handling fees, helpful and kind."

  • The minimum repayment period is 61 days, and the maximum is 120 months. The actual annual interest rate ranges from a minimum of 2.75% to a maximum of 48%. Applicants must meet specified requirements, and the actual processing time may vary depending on individual circumstances. The loan information provided above is for reference only.
  • Applicants must meet specified requirements, and the actual situation may vary depending on individual circumstances.
  • Exemption from income and address proof is only applicable to loans up to HK$50,000 and customers who meet specific credit approval requirements. Depending on individual circumstances, Credit KO reserves the right to request additional proof documents for loan approval purposes. If additional application documents are provided, a higher loan amount may be applied for. New customers are still required to submit copies of their identification documents and bank account or debit card online to verify their identity and arrange for disbursement.
  • Applicants must meet specified requirements, and the actual processing time may vary depending on individual circumstances.
  • Upon online confirmation of the loan agreement and completion of the final data verification and approval, the loan will be transferred instantly through FPS (Faster Payment System). The final receipt time will depend on the arrangements of individual banks.
  • Applicants must meet specified requirements, and the actual situation may vary depending on individual circumstances. Credit KO Company Limited reserves the right to make the final decision on loan approval and any disputes.

Property First mortgage and Second mortgage.
Apply anytime with our mobile app.

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To apply for a Credit KO property mortgage loan, simply follow these four easy steps:

  1. Fill out the valuation application form.
  2. Upload the required documents.
  3. Receive a quick approval in as little as 15 minutes.
  4. Visit the lawyer’s office to sign the mortgage loan documents.

When applying for a property mortgage loan with Credit KO, the procedures and approval conditions are more flexible compared to traditional banks. There is no requirement for stress testing or income proof, and personal credit checks (TU/TE) are not necessary. Simply provide personal information, property details, and company information to easily access the loan and meet your financial needs. Enjoy the convenience of a quick approval process, with the possibility of approval within 30 minutes.

The loan amount for property mortgage loans depends on factors such as the customer’s credit rating, income, occupation, and financial condition. Credit KO offers property mortgage loans of up to HK$20 million, with no processing fees (including lawyer’s fees and valuation fees). Additionally, the repayment period can be as long as 120 months, providing flexibility and freedom in repayment. Let us assist you in transforming your life through property ownership.

Further Inquiry
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