Hyperlink Policy (EN)

Credit KO Company Limited(「Our Company」)

Our Company Hyperlink Policy

Hyperlink to Other Websites

In certain circumstances, our company provides hyperlinks on the website to other locations or websites. These hyperlinks lead to websites that are published or operated by third parties unrelated to our company. The inclusion of these hyperlinks on the website is intended to enhance the user experience and is provided for reference purposes only. We make efforts to select reputable websites and information sources to facilitate users in accessing relevant information.

While we provide hyperlinks, it should not be construed as our agreement, endorsement, recommendation, guarantee, or introduction of any third party or the services/products they provide on their websites, nor does it imply any form of collaboration between us and such third parties or websites. We do not assume any responsibility for the content of the hyperlinked websites. Users bear the risk when using these hyperlinks, and we disclaim any liability for any damages or losses incurred or suffered by users as a result of using the hyperlinks. We are not a party to any contractual arrangement between users and external website providers. We do not investigate, verify, monitor, or endorse the content, accuracy, opinions, or other links provided by these resources.

Hyperlinks to other websites, if they include downloadable software, are provided solely for user convenience. We do not assume any responsibility for any difficulties encountered or consequences resulting from the downloading of such software. The use of any software downloaded from the internet may be subject to proprietary agreements, and failure to comply with the terms of such agreements may result in infringement of the intellectual property rights of the respective software providers, for which we disclaim any responsibility.

When users click on hyperlinks and leave the website, they are subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of the other websites they are about to visit. We may provide hyperlinks to websites of the same group of companies on the website for user convenience. These linked websites may have different terms and conditions, so users should consult and review the applicable terms and conditions before using these linked websites.

Hyperlinks from external websites to our website

Users must obtain prior written approval from our company in order to establish any form of hyperlink linking to our website on third-party websites. Our company has absolute discretion to determine whether to approve the establishment of hyperlinks. Under normal circumstances, our company will only approve hyperlinks that clearly display our company’s name or website address. Unless in very exceptional circumstances, our company will not approve the use or display of our logos, product names, and trademarks by third parties as hyperlinks, and our company has absolute discretion to charge a certain fee for such use.

Our company assumes no responsibility for the establishment of hyperlinks from third-party websites to our website. Any such established hyperlinks should not be construed as constituting any form of collaboration between our company and the third-party website or as our endorsement of the third-party website. Any hyperlinks to our website must be constantly active and direct, linking only to the homepage of our website, without “framing” or “deep linking” our website or its content.

Our company shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred or suffered by users or any third party due to such hyperlinks. Our company reserves the right to exercise its absolute discretion to revoke any granted approvals and/or request the removal of any such links at any time, without further notice or compensation.