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Credit KO understands life’s unpredictability. We offer fast and convenient online personal loans without face-to-face meetings or credit checks. Choose flexible repayment options.


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Flexibility and Independence

With Credit KO’s online personal loans, customers have the freedom to decide their monthly repayment plan based on their individual financial situation. They can choose the “Fixed Installment” plan, where they only repay the minimum monthly payment (i.e., interest only), or the “Flexible Repayment” plan, where they can repay any amount exceeding the interest.

Flexible Savings

Customers can decide their monthly repayment plan based on their financial situation, choosing to repay only the minimum monthly payment (i.e., interest only) with the “Fixed Installment” plan or any amount exceeding the interest with the “Flexible Repayment” plan. Our flexible repayment options allow customers to save on interest expenses and reduce the cost of their loan.

Flexible Repayment Term

Financial institutions typically calculate the total interest based on the loan amount and the “Monthly Flat Rate” when approving loans. After agreeing on the interest, repayment period, and amount with the bank, equal installments are made each month. Personal loans serve various purposes, such as home renovations, children’s education expenses, and debt consolidation. You can compare personal loans based on their purposes on our loan comparison page. Regardless of the reason for borrowing, timely repayment of each installment is crucial to avoid penalty interest. In Hong Kong, the repayment term for personal loans typically ranges from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 60 months.

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