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Fixed Installments

Choose the “Fixed Installment” repayment plan where each month’s fixed payment includes both the loan principal and interest. Even if you repay the loan early, there are no penalty fees or charges.




Flexible Repayment

Choose the “Flexible Repayment” plan where customers can decide their monthly repayment amount based on their financial situation. Customers can choose to repay only the monthly interest or any amount greater than the interest. Customers only need to complete the repayment within the customized repayment period, and there are no penalty fees or charges even if the loan is repaid early.



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Flexibility and Independence

With Credit KO’s online personal loans, customers have the freedom to decide their monthly repayment plan based on their individual financial situation. They can choose the “Fixed Installment” plan, where they only repay the minimum monthly payment (i.e., interest only), or the “Flexible Repayment” plan, where they can repay any amount exceeding the interest.

Flexible Savings

Customers can decide their monthly repayment plan based on their financial situation, choosing to repay only the minimum monthly payment (i.e., interest only) with the “Fixed Installment” plan or any amount exceeding the interest with the “Flexible Repayment” plan. Our flexible repayment options allow customers to save on interest expenses and reduce the cost of their loan.

Flexible Repayment Term

Financial institutions typically calculate the total interest based on the loan amount and the “Monthly Flat Rate” when approving loans. After agreeing on the interest, repayment period, and amount with the bank, equal installments are made each month. Personal loans serve various purposes, such as home renovations, children’s education expenses, and debt consolidation. You can compare personal loans based on their purposes on our loan comparison page. Regardless of the reason for borrowing, timely repayment of each installment is crucial to avoid penalty interest. In Hong Kong, the repayment term for personal loans typically ranges from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 60 months.

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Boss of A Trading Company

Mr. Lo is the owner of a trading company that has been greatly affected by the outbreak of the pandemic. Every month, not only has his business suffered a significant decline in revenue, but he also has to deal with substantial expenses such as employee salaries, rental fees for the premises, and other utilities. His company is facing a severe cash flow problem, and Mr. Lo himself is struggling with limited available funds, making it extremely challenging to sustain the operations.

Mr. Lo turned to Credit KO and applied for a large balance transfer loan in the name of his company. The loan process was simple, without the need for collateral, and there were no complicated approval procedures. Within a maximum of 24 hours, Credit KO approved a loan amount of up to 1 million. This successfully resolved Mr. Lo’s financial issues. With this substantial loan, his trading company could continue its operations until the situation improved, and his employees were spared from the threat of unemployment.


A large balance transfer loan consolidates the debts owed to banks and financial institutions, allowing the debtor to handle all the outstanding debts in one place. It provides a new loan for balance transfers, enabling the debtor to achieve a substantial debt settlement. With only a fixed monthly repayment, it immediately alleviates the pressure of paying off multiple debts and interests, making it easier to clear credit card debts.

Debts Consolidation Loan is suitable for individuals burdened with multiple debts or those who can only afford to make minimum monthly payments on their significant credit card debts. By consolidating the debtor’s multiple debts owed to banks and financial institutions and centralizing the repayment process, it allows the debtor to restructure and establish a repayment plan, enabling them to clear a substantial number of credit card debts and alleviate financial pressure and burdens.

The biggest difference between Debts Consolidation Loan and a regular personal loan lies in the disbursement method. Typically, a regular personal loan is directly transferred to the borrower’s bank account. On the other hand, for a balance transfer loan, once approved, the funds are deposited directly into the applicant’s designated credit card, loan, or repayment account, or sent by cashier’s check to the applicant’s address for self-repayment. Furthermore, the two types of loans also differ in terms of their purpose. A regular personal loan does not restrict how the borrower can use the loan funds, providing more flexibility. In contrast, a large balance transfer loan has a specific purpose, which is to be used for repayment purposes only.