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About Credit KO

Credit KO aims to break the boundaries of traditional loans and revolutionize loan services. We offer a wide range of online personal loan products, catering to the needs of the new generation. Our goal is to provide quick solutions for all types of borrowing and financial needs, ensuring the most flexible, efficient, personalized, and customer-friendly loan options and professional service experience.

At the same time, Credit KO has always followed the regulations for moneylenders in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing a reliable and professional platform for personal loans to the people of Hong Kong. With a strong financial backing, we support each individual, empowering them for a brighter future. We bring passion and sincerity to “KO your loan matters.”

Credit KO

KO your loan matters

About Financial Company

In Hong Kong, there are a thousand of financial companies, and having too many options can often confuse consumers. Considering factors such as interest rates, annual percentage rates (APR), loan amounts, and approval times, we help consumers compare and choose the most suitable financial company. Several leading financial companies in Hong Kong often attract customers with features like fast approval and instant cash. By choosing the right plan, customers can obtain funds quickly and address urgent needs. Credit KO has launched a new mobile application that utilizes a loan app, allowing for instant approval and fully automated processing without the need for income proof.

In the 1960s, to protect the banking industry, the government enacted the Hong Kong Banking Ordinance, which stipulates that only licensed banks can operate as banks. The required investment cost is high, so foreign investors interested in establishing financial institutions in Hong Kong often apply for financial company licenses. Financial companies are registered as corporations and can operate as investment banks, deposit-taking companies, securities firms, lenders, and more. They are regulated by the government.

Unlike traditional banks, Credit KO operates differently in terms of credit report checks. It is well known that checking credit reports within a short period of time can lower an applicant’s credit score and affect their loan application chances. However, we do not check your credit history. Customers of financial companies are guaranteed that their credit information will not leave any traces, making us the confident choice.

The online loan application provided by Credit KO is only for preliminary assessment purposes. The success of your application depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide. Please submit the application form and prepare the relevant supporting documents, and our team will contact you to arrange the application and document submission.

To provide customers with the most suitable loan service, we handle your application with a serious and meticulous attitude. We may also invite customers to visit our branch for further procedures and to provide the most appropriate loan plan.

Company Loans

In Hong Kong, loans are primarily categorized as personal loans, tax loans, debts consolidation loans, revolving loans, business loans, homeowner loans, company loans, car loans and mortgage loans. Borrowers can choose different types of loans based on their needs. For example, individuals with stable income may opt for lower interest rate tax loans during tax season, while small business owners who require cash flow flexibility can apply for personal overdrafts.

Major banks and lending institutions in Hong Kong offer business loans specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), such as Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China (Hong Kong), and HSBC. Typically, apart from the personal information of the applicant/guarantor, banks and loan institutions would require company loan applicants to submit company details such as the company name, registered address, business identification category, and number. Additionally, loan institutions may also require collateral information, financial statements, the latest interim management accounts, and tax assessment and payment notices, depending on the loan category.

In addition to last year’s financial statements, the financial information you submit should include future cash flow projections, profits, and evidence of your business’s financial stability. When submitting documents and preparing a loan plan, it is important not to conceal negative information as it may affect your creditworthiness. Furthermore, many banks may require personal guarantees from company loan owners. You can also obtain a loan by mortgaging company assets, and the interest charged for secured company loans is generally lower than unsecured loans. You may also consider applying for the SME Loan Guarantee Scheme offered by the Trade and Industry Department, which provides credit guarantees for SME loans from participating lending institutions.

It is understandable for companies to require working capital for cash flow or operational expenses, as well as funds for purchasing machinery, equipment, and business development. SME loans tailored for companies cater to various financial needs, offering high loan amounts, flexible repayment periods, and even unsecured loans. There are also exclusive loan programs for companies to address immediate financial needs.

With a wide range of options available for company loans, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Before applying for a company loan, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of the interest rates, loan forms (such as installment loans or revolving loans), loan amounts, repayment periods, approval time, and handling fees associated with the relevant loan program. Additionally, some banks periodically offer special promotions for company loans, providing cash rebates and preferential interest rates. It’s beneficial to seize such opportunities. Note that some loans require the company to have been operating and registered in Hong Kong for at least one year, with a good repayment record, in order to be eligible for the loan.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is a type of loan where financial institutions calculate the total interest based on the loan amount and typically charge a “monthly flat rate” of interest. Once the applicant and the bank agree on the interest rate, repayment period, and amount, the borrower makes equal monthly installments. Personal loans can be used for various purposes, such as home renovation, children’s education expenses, debt consolidation, etc. You can visit personal loan comparison websites to compare loans based on your specific needs. Regardless of the reason for borrowing, it is important to make timely repayments of the installment amount to avoid penalties. In Hong Kong, the minimum repayment period for personal loans is typically 3 months, and it can extend up to 60 months.

A personal loan allows borrowers to make fixed monthly repayments based on the loan amount, with the interest rate calculated according to the chosen loan amount and repayment period. If you still need to borrow money after repaying the final installment, you would need to apply for a second loan from the bank.

Revolving loans generally have lower loan amounts compared to personal loans, and the interest rates are higher. However, they offer more flexibility, allowing you to withdraw money within the approved loan amount at any time. There are no penalties for early repayment. Revolving loans are suitable for short-term financing or individuals who frequently require revolving credit. Personal loans, on the other hand, offer higher loan amounts but have lower flexibility due to the requirement of regular fixed repayments. If you are planning to prepare sufficient funds for personal plans and prefer more accurate budgeting and clear repayment goals in financial planning, a personal loan may be a more suitable choice.

Applying for a personal loan is simple and convenient. Once you find a suitable loan plan, you can easily borrow without the need to visit the bank and spend time queuing. Different banks and financial institutions have varying requirements for loan applications. Generally, applicants need to be Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above. Some banks or financial companies may require income and address proof from applicants before approving the loan. Therefore, it is important to prepare the relevant documents before applying for a loan.

Before applying for a personal loan, you should first understand your borrowing needs. Determine whether you genuinely need to borrow money for emergencies or if it is purely for impulsive shopping. Avoid excessive borrowing. Prior to formal application, individuals should also assess their financial situation, repayment capacity, carefully consider the loan amount, repayment period, monthly installment amount, and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions, including any handling fees.